At Image Cabinets, we specialise in Residential Kitchens and Joinery for multi-residential builders and larger volume home builders. We believe that if something is worth doing, then it is worth doing right.

Our goal is to create long term relationships with our clients to help them grow and prosper in a demanding industry. The quality of our work is a reflection of this goal, regardless of price.

With a focus on client trust and satisfaction, we give builders the peace of mind to know that they will receive exceptional results on every project. This in turn allows us to grow and create opportunities for our company.


Image Cabinets was established in 1996 by Leigh Beisel with a philosophy of listening to clients needs and producing high quality work.

Our clients noticed this philosophy come through in our work, and their referrals and repeat business has helped Image Cabinets successfully grow to be able to handle large scale projects with the same success as a single item.

We have come a long way since 1996, now serving large clients in the Building Industry. Although our company has grown and our clients have changed, our philosophy remains the same.

Image Cabinets understands the importance of providing consistent, high quality outcomes on large scale projects. We have a highly systemised approach that allows us to meet quality and time benchmarks on any project we take on, regardless of size.

Our clients trust us to help them achieve their goals, such as creating desirable homes, cost efficiencies and fast build times. Our signature high quality work come as a standard regardless of the project.
As an Image Cabinets client we will work with you to help your business grow and prosper, so we can in turn grow and improve our own business. This focus on long term client relationships is built into the core of our business.


Image Cabinets specialise in residential kitchens and joinery for multi-residential builders and larger volume home builders in Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We work closely with our clients to help them achieve efficient and fast build times.